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Anna Mitchel has been writing letters to her French penfriend, Alexandre Tourville, for fifteen years, but hasn't seen him since an exchange trip when they are at school. 

When Alex, now a successful photographer, has the opportunity to work in London, Anna offers him a place to stay but is astounded that the small, geeky boy she remembers is now tall broad-shouldered and gorgeous, and has just broken up with his long-term girlfriend. 

Anna's female friends are soon swooning over Alex's Gallic charm, and Anna's boyfriend Nick is becoming extremely jealous of their friendship. 

When Alex has to return to Paris to oversee the hanging of his photographs in an exhibition, he invites Anna to accompany him so that he can show her the city he adores...

Originally published as French Kissing.

Winner of the Accent Press and Woman magazine Writing Competion - 2015

Winner of the Rosie Amber Book Awards Golden Rose for Romance - 2015

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