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  • Lynne Shelby

A Sense of Place #6 Georgia Hill - Herefordshire and Lyme Regis

Today, I'm delighted to welcome fellow Romantic Novelists Association member Georgia Hill to my blog to chat about her new novel, 'While I Was Waiting.'

Me: Hi Georgia and welcome to 'Shelby Writes.' What would be the elevator pitch for your new novel, 'While I Was Waiting?'

Georgia: Hi, Lynne. My elevator pitch would be 'What happens when the man of your dreams isn’t the one you need?'

Me: My debut novel 'French Kissing' is set in London and Paris, and I often find that I’m inspired to write when I visit a new city or country. How important is the location in 'While I Was Waiting?'

Georgia: Location is incredibly important to 'While I Was Waiting.' In it, Rachel moves from London to a tiny Herefordshire village. I did the same thing and many of my experiences are in the book. Sadly, none of my builders were quite as attractive as hero Gabriel!

Me: I'd guess that life in Herefordshire is very different to life in a big city like London?

Georgia: Herefordshire is a secretive, rural county and one which is characterised by a slow pace of life and tradition. It can be a wonderful place to live – and frustrating! I set the modern narrative in the year 2000. At first, Rachel is entranced by her ‘escape to the country’ but with the mud and rain of a harsh winter and then the Foot and Mouth crisis, she’s forced to take a more realistic view of rural living. Herefordshire is also important in the historic sections of the book. There is an abundance of country houses in the county and I’m fascinated by what happened to these estates during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. With the agricultural depression, and World War 1 decimating the male heirs, many went into a steep decline. Delamere House, where Hetty Trenchard-Lewis is sent to live with distant cousins, is such a house. I had great fun contrasting it with the grand home belonging to new money Parker family!

Me: Hereford sounds like a great place to live and a very inspiring location for a novel.

Georgia: I love living in Herefordshire. I love its history and folklore, the wonderful food it produces and its stunning countryside.' While I Was Waiting' is my love letter to it.

Me: Are you working on your next book? And can you tell us anything about it?

Georgia: I’m halfway through the first draft of my next book. Like its predecessor, it’s a dual narrative and also has a strong sense of place. This one is set on the Jurassic Coast, an area I know very well having holidayed there since small. Charlie, grieving for the grandfather who brought her up, visits Devon to investigate a family secret. She’s rescued from a rockfall by Matt, a local boat builder. Together they discover the truth behind a local tragedy, why a Victorian fossil collector is haunting Charlie and just why she means to do her harm. It hasn’t a title yet. Maybe I could ask for suggestions! If While I Was Waiting is dedicated to Herefordshire, then this one is for my beloved Lyme Regis; my favourite place in the whole world. With fossils, cliff falls and tourists, I couldn’t really set it anywhere else. And I’ve got a great excuse to keep going back to do the research!

Me: Thank you so much, Georgia, for visiting my blog today. I'm very much looking forward to reading 'While I Was Waiting.'

Georgia: Thank you for having me, Lynne.

To purchase a copy of 'While I Was Waiting' and to find out more about Georgia Hill and her novels, please click on the links below:







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