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Holiday Reading #5 Georgina Troy - The Boardwalk by the Sea

I'm always on the lookout for books to take on holiday, so I'm delighted that Georgina Troy has dropped by today to talk about holiday reading and her new summer novel, The Boardwalk by the Sea. I'll hand over to Georgina to tell us about her book...

Georgina: When Sacha Collins, cafe owner and sundae-maker extraordinaire, meets Italian archaeologist, Alessandro Salvatore in Rome, she's grateful to him for being her tour guide. Now he’s turned up in the seaside village where she lives, known locally as, The Boardwalk by the Sea and is setting up a gelateria in direct competition to her retro Summer Sundaes Café.

She's only been running the café for two years since taking over from her father and until now the only other shops on the boardwalk, a wool shop, an antique shop and a second-hand book shop have helped rather than hindered her custom. How will her creative sundaes made from fresh Jersey ice cream compete with his delicious Italian gelatos?

Sacha is worried. Is there enough custom for both businesses to thrive? Who is behind the odd changes being made at night on the boardwalk? And when the oldest resident on the boardwalk is threatened with eviction, can Sacha and Alessandro come together and find a way of helping her?

For a peaceful little boardwalk overlooking one of the quieter beaches on the island, there's an awful lot going on and some of it is going to lead to big changes.

Me: The Boardwalk by the Sea sounds like ideal holiday reading, Georgina. Do you have any plans for a holiday this year?

Georgina: My husband and I will be doing the same trip as Sacha in the book, without the gorgeous Italian tour guide…. We’ll be going to Rome for a few days and then joining the Queen Victoria for a Mediterranean cruise starting and ending in Rome and visiting Barcelona, Florence, Corsica and Monte Carlo.

Me: What a fabulous trip. I'm sure you'll enjoy visiting those wonderful places. Do you have a favourite place to go on holiday?

Gerogina: I love the Caribbean, especially Antigua. It’s so beautiful, the turquoise blue seas and the perfect weather, and the rum!

Me: What was your most memorable holiday?

Georgina: Probably the trip above, or the transatlantic to New York. I’d never been on a cruise before and my husband used to be in the Merchant Navy and had wanted to take a cruise for years. Eventually I thought I should give it a try thinking that I’d be bored seeing nothing but the sea for six days, but I loved it, even the drama of a Force 10 gale. Now I can’t imagine travelling any other way. I love unpacking, just once, and stepping out onto the balcony, a cup of tea in hand and looking out to the port of a new destination. Bliss.

Me: I love cruising. As you say, waking up in a different port each day is amazing. Have you decided which books you'll be taking with you?

Georgina: I’ll be taking a Kindle groaning with books, but the ones I’m especially looking forward to reading are: Kirsty Greenwood’s Big Sexy Love; Gwyn GB’s Lonely Hearts; Kelly Clayton’s Blood Ties; The Beauty Shop by Suzy Henderson and The Last Days of Leda Grey by Essie Fox.

Me: Some great suggestions for holiday reading, Georgina. Many thanks for dropping by to talk about The Boardwalk by the Sea. Enjoy your Medierranean holiday.

Georgina Troy is the pseudonym of author Deborah Carr, who is also Deputy Editor of She lives in Jersey with her husband, two children and three rescue dogs. The Boardwalk by the Sea is her second contemporary romance series. Summer Sundaes is the first book in the four-book series. Each book covers one season and is the story of one of four girlfriends who live on or near the fictional seaside village on the island of Jersey. Book 1 in her Jersey Scene series, A Jersey Kiss, was shortlisted in the Contemporary Romance Category for the 2016 Romantic Novel of the Year Awards.

If you would like to find out more about Gerogina and her writing, please click on the links below or copy and paste into your browser:

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