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  • Lynne Shelby

Match Me If You Can - Sandy Barker

Today is Publication Day for Match Me If You Can, the first book in a fabulous new series from Sandy Barker. Congratulations, Sandy!

Here is my review:

Well, this was a fabulous start to what promises to be a gorgeously romantic series.

Poppy Dean loves her job at the Ever After Agency – a dating agency that prides itself on both its ability to find bespoke solutions to romantic problems for its affluent clients and its discretion – but finding a wife for Tristan Fellows proves to be extremely challenging. Tristan isn’t looking for a love-match, but a marriage of convenience, for unless he marries before his thirty-fifth birthday, his 30 million pounds inheritance will go to a cat charity. Unfortunately, as well as being extremely good-looking, he is arrogant and uncooperative, and Poppy is not best pleased when he insists that she accompany him to meet his potential future wife on a luxury yacht in Greece . . .

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and its unusual scenario of an upmarket and unique dating agency. Sandy Barker vividly describes the locations which Tristan visits on his quest to find a bride – I certainly wouldn’t mind a trip around Greece on the luxury yacht, although possibly not with the people who are on board when Poppy and Tristan are there! There is a particularly hilarious depiction of an excruciating dinner party – one of many highly amusing scenes in the book.

Poppy is an extremely likeable heroine, and although when the reader first meets Tristan they cannot help but agree with Poppy’s assessment of him as a difficult client, as they learn more about him, they can’t help but warm to him – while willing Poppy to do the same. Much of the book’s warm-hearted feel comes from the interaction between Poppy and Tristan and their respective best friends, while other characters, such as Tristan’s monstrous aunt, add to the comedy.

A slow-burn romance, a hero and heroine that the reader is rooting for, and with a supporting cast of memorable characters, Match Me If You Can is both romantic and very funny – a perfect romcom in fact, and highly recommended. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.


To purchase a copy of Match Me If You Can, please click on the link below (Right Click):

Sandy Barker is a bestselling romance author. She’s lived in the UK, the US and Australia. She has travelled extensively across six continents, with many of her travel adventures finding homes in her books.

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Sep 28, 2023

Thank you so much Lynne!

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